"I find Wildtree Products make meal prep quick and easy. My schedule is demanding at times but the custom recipes make it possible to eat healthier and avoid the temptations of convenience foods." - AH Washington

Guacamole in a Bag:
1 Avocado peeled/seeded and placed in a Ziploc bag. Mash gently and add 1 tsp Wildtree Guacamole blend.
Mash until blended. Ready to serve as a spread or dip!

 Quick Chicken Salad in a Bag:
1 can Chicken Breast drained – 13 0z1 -Plain Greek Yogurt 4 oz size or 3TBSP+ Olive Oil Mayo
Small apple, diced

1/2 cup grapes, sliced (optional)

½ tsp Wildtree Ranchers Steak Rub* (or other seasonings)

¾ tsp Wildtree Dill Dip Blend* (or other seasonings)

¼ c. chopped nuts (opt)

Place ingredients in Ziploc and mash gently until blended.

Chill and serve!


 Omelet Cups:

½ c. Southwestern Style Egg Beaters or 3 eggs

3 slices Canadian Bacon (torn or cut in pieces)

½ tsp Wildtree Guacamole Blend (or other seasonings)

Any extra veggie of choice added approx. ¼ cup

In qt ziploc add all ingredients & mix well. Pour in 2 foil Muffin cups/sm loaf pan and place in lunch box or crockpot on high with 1”of water. Cook until firm. Great alone or as taco filling w/salsa.

WILDTREE  has several “Pour and Go” products! 
A few of these convenient products we used are:

·         Spicy Island Chutney…a little fruit and a little spice!

·         Roasted Tomatillo Sauce…great flavor and a quick snack with tortilla chips!

·         Honey Mustard…great with pretzels or as a sandwich spread and dip!

·         Horseradish Mustard…pure flavor with a little bite!

·         WILDTREE Garlic Galore served with fresh veggies was mixed as jar instructs but with Lite Mayo.

·         Turkey Barley Soup….just as the box says.  QUICK & EASY!  We used ground turkey and used a crockpot w/liner for easy cleanup. You can also use stove top. Just add a little extra water!

·         Cheddar Cheese Soup…so simple..10 minute meal prep…add some broccoli…an all in one meal!

·         Mexican Skillet….crockpot, stove top or lunchbox oven YOU decide….1 package out of the box (save the other for later) used ground turkey, instant brown rice and I can of semi drained ranch style beans. An all in one meal…add corn or your choice to complete.

·         White Bean Dip (box)  is so simple! Add water as box directs. We added 1 - 13 oz can of drained chicken breast (a little broth is ok), 1 tsp of WT Ranchers Steak Rub & ½ tsp of WT Cajun  or seasoning of your choice...placed all this in a gallon Ziploc lock bag and mixed well- added ½ cup of shredded cheese (your choice) mix  a little more and ready to eat.

WRAP flavor used was both Spinach and Tomato Basil….added Roasted Tomatillo or Guacamole* on wrap first then we cut the end of the Ziploc and placed bean mixture on wrap as well. Sprinkled fresh spinach leaves and chopped onions (a little more cheese for cheese lovers) and rolled up. Simple, Easy & Tasty! For extra flavor out Ranch dressing prepared can be added to the spread mixture or drizzled over wrap. No limit to this box mix…use your imagination and let us know!

·         Guacamole in a bag…just as the jar says… more or less seasoning for your taste buds…SUPER SIMPLE & QUICK!

·         Quick & Easy Beer Bread (can use Sprite or Gingerale and we served with the Strawberry & Chocolate Jam….Great treat and a little sweet!

·         Spinach Salad – Fresh Spinach leaves, sliced purple onions, canned or fresh chicken/bacon bits, grated cheese, fresh berries and top of with the WT Wildberry Dressing! Add walnuts or almonds, too!

·         Quick & Easy Pizza Dough  mixed in a Ziploc bag. Follow instructions on box. Use Kickin’ Asian Stir – Fry sauce as sauce (you choose the amount…a little goes a long way)sprinkle fresh spinach leaves, added cooked ground turkey seasoned with WT Ranchers Steak Rub and grated cheese and BAKE!

·         Roasted Almonds & Pecans – place mixture of nuts to a Ziploc bag or ? and add 1 Tbsp of GRAPESEED OIL of your choice for each cup of nuts plus 1 tsp+ of Spicy Dry Rub or your choice of seasoning. Toss well in bag to mix…Roast in a pan in Lunchbox oven, toaster oven, bake in a lined crockpot or Popcorn popper/roaster. Mix often and roast until desired flavor. (can also add WT Simply Sweet Popcorn Seasoning too for a SWEET & SPICY flavor)

·         Shrimp (Cooked Salad Shrimp) and our WT Sofrito Sauce …just heat & eat…quick & easy...great for Salad topper, wraps, nachos & more!

·         Beef –n- Broccoli – Beef sliced thin and place in Ziploc with Garlic Grapeseed Oil  and WT Ranchers Steak Rub….Marinate few minutes or a day! Toss in lined crock pot and cook untiol tender. Add WT Kickin’ Asian Stir Fry sauce(any amount …start with a little. You can always add more) Then stir and add fresh broccoli cook until Broccoli is consistency that you prefer. Stir and ENJOY!

·         Stuffed Meat Loaf – as box directs…just mix in fresh spinach leaves and shredded cheese …ALL IN ONE MEAL!